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Herzog & de Meuron
Herzog & de Meuron
nazionalità: svizzera
Herzog & de Meuron
Rheinschanze 6 / St. Johanns-Vorstadt 98
4056 Basel - Svizzera [Schweiz/Suisse]
Tel: +41.61.385.57.57 - Fax: +41.61.385.57.58
Kurfürstenstraße 12
10785 Berlin - Germania [Deutschland]
Hollywood Commercial House 3-5
Old Bailey St, Central
 Hong Kong - Cina [Zhōngguó/Zhōnghuá]
The Coal Office, 1 Bagley Walk, Kings Cross
N1C 4PQ London - Gran Bretagna [United Kingdom]
Brienner Strasse 41
80333 Munich [München] - Germania [Deutschland]
199 Lafayette St #5b
NY 10012 New York City - Stati Uniti [United States]
72, rue des Archives
75003 Paris - Francia [France]
95 Minna Street, 2nd Floor
CA 94105 San Francisco - Stati Uniti [United States]
Composizione dello studio per l'opera:
Karikatur und Cartoon Museum
Jacques Herzog

* Basilea [Basel/Bâle], Svizzera [Schweiz/Suisse], 19 Aprile 1950
nazionalità: svizzera
Pierre de Meuron

* Basilea [Basel/Bâle], Svizzera [Schweiz/Suisse], 8 Maggio 1950
nazionalità: svizzera
Harry Gugger

* Grezenbach, Svizzera [Schweiz/Suisse], 1956
nazionalità: svizzera
Christine Binswanger

* Kreuzlingen, Svizzera [Schweiz/Suisse], 1964
nazionalità: svizzera
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Herzog & de Meuron is an international architectural practice based in Basel, Switzerland. The firm was established in 1978 and is known for its innovative and iconic architectural designs. The practice is led by the two founders, Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron, along with other partners and a CEO.
Herzog & de Meuron's team consists of over 600 collaborators from various backgrounds, including architects, designers, engineers, and support staff. They work on a diverse range of projects across Europe, the Americas, and Asia, demonstrating their global reach and influence.

The main office in Basel serves as the headquarters and coordinates the activities of the firm. In addition, Herzog & de Meuron has several studios located in different cities around the world. These include studios in Berlin and Munich (Germany), Paris (France), London (United Kingdom), Hong Kong (China), New York and San Francisco (United States). These studios allow the practice to have a local presence and better serve clients in those regions.

Furthermore, Herzog & de Meuron has site offices in Copenhagen (Denmark), Jerusalem (Israel), and Hangzhou (China). These site offices are established to support and oversee specific projects in those locations, ensuring effective project management and coordination.

Overall, Herzog & de Meuron has gained international acclaim for its innovative and thought-provoking architectural designs. Their portfolio includes a wide range of projects, such as museums, cultural centers, stadiums, residential buildings, and commercial structures.
Royal Gold Medal
RIBA - Royal Institute of British Architects
Praemium Imperiale

Japan Art Association
Pritzker Architectural Prize
Kunstpreis (Baukunst)
Akademie der Künste
2003 - 2017
Elbphilharmonie Hamburg
Germania [Deutschland] » Amburgo [Hamburg]
2013 - 2016
Vitra Schaudepot
Germania [Deutschland] » Weil-am-Rhein
2006 - 2013
Stati Uniti [United States] » Miami
2012 - 2012
Serpentine Gallery Pavilion
2006 - 2010
Germania [Deutschland] » Weil-am-Rhein
2007 - 2010
Actelion Business Center
Svizzera [Schweiz/Suisse] » Allschwil
2003 - 2008
Cina [Zhōngguó/Zhōnghuá] » Pechino [Beijing]
2001 - 2008
Spagna [España] » Madrid
1995 - 2008
Spagna [España] » Santa Cruz de Tenerife
1998 - 2008
Spagna [España] » Santa Cruz de Tenerife
2003 - 2007
Spagna [España] » Jerez de la Frontera
2004 - 2007
Stati Uniti [United States] » New York - Manhattan
2000 - 2005
de Young Museum
Stati Uniti [United States] » San Francisco
1999 - 2005
Stati Uniti [United States] » Minneapolis
2001 - 2005
Allianz Arena
Germania [Deutschland] » Monaco [München]
Spagna [España] » Barcellona [Barcelona]
2001 - 2003
Svizzera [Schweiz/Suisse] » Basilea [Basel/Bâle]
1998 - 2003
Svizzera [Schweiz/Suisse] » Münchenstein
1998 - 2003
Svizzera [Schweiz/Suisse] » Aarau
1999 - 2003
Prada Aoyama Epicenter
Giappone [Nihon/Nippon] » Tōkyō
1994 - 2003
IKMZ Informations-, Kommunikations- und Medienzentrum
Germania [Deutschland] » Cottbus
2001 - 2002
Francia [France] » Pomerol
1997 - 2002
Svizzera [Schweiz/Suisse] » Basilea [Basel/Bâle]
1999 - 2001
Stati Uniti [United States] » Oakville
1994 - 2001
Germania [Deutschland] » Monaco [München]
1999 - 2001
St. Jakob-Park
Svizzera [Schweiz/Suisse] » Basilea [Basel/Bâle]
1994 - 2000
Gran Bretagna [United Kingdom] » Londra [London]
1997 - 2000
Svizzera [Schweiz/Suisse] » Basilea [Basel/Bâle]
1996 - 2000
Francia [France] » Parigi [Paris]
1994 - 2000
Svizzera [Schweiz/Suisse] » Basilea [Basel/Bâle]
Svizzera [Schweiz/Suisse] » Laufen
1995 - 1998
Dominus Winery
Stati Uniti [United States] » Yountville
1995 - 1998
Svizzera [Schweiz/Suisse] » Basilea [Basel/Bâle]
1996 - 1997
Francia [France] » Leymen
1988 - 1996
Svizzera [Schweiz/Suisse] » Basilea [Basel/Bâle]
1993 - 1996
Germania [Deutschland] » Eberswalde
1995 - 1996
Francia [France] » Pfastatt
1994 - 1996
Svizzera [Schweiz/Suisse] » Basilea [Basel/Bâle]
1990 - 1995
Svizzera [Schweiz/Suisse] » Basilea [Basel/Bâle]
1988 - 1995
Svizzera [Schweiz/Suisse] » Basilea [Basel/Bâle]
1993 - 1994
Svizzera [Schweiz/Suisse] » Riehen
1992 - 1993
Svizzera [Schweiz/Suisse] » Basilea [Basel/Bâle]
1989 - 1993
Francia [France] » St. Louis
1992 - 1993
Francia [France] » Brunstatt
1988 - 1993
Svizzera [Schweiz/Suisse] » Basilea [Basel/Bâle]
1991 - 1993
Svizzera [Schweiz/Suisse] » Basilea [Basel/Bâle]
1990 - 1992
Francia [France] » Digione [Dijon]
1984 - 1988
Svizzera [Schweiz/Suisse] » Basilea [Basel/Bâle]
1985 - 1988
Svizzera [Schweiz/Suisse] » Basilea [Basel/Bâle]
1986 - 1987
Svizzera [Schweiz/Suisse] » Laufen
1985 - 1986
Svizzera [Schweiz/Suisse] » Therwill
1984 - 1985
Svizzera [Schweiz/Suisse] » Bottmingen
1981 - 1982
Germania [Deutschland] » Weil-am-Rhein
1979 - 1980
Svizzera [Schweiz/Suisse] » Oberwil
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  Bird's Nest. Herzog & de Meuron in China
Christoph Schaub, Michael Schindhelm
Anno di produzione
Jacques Herzog, Pierre de Meuron, Ai Weiwei, Dr. Uli Sigg, Dr. Yu Qiu Rong, Li Xinggang, Stefan Marbach, Li Aiqing, Prof. Zhi Yin, Fang Hangting
Ruolo dell'autore
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Herzog & de Meuron, London (United Kingdom), Royal Academy of Arts, 14 july / 15 october 2023

Herzog & de Meuron, Royal Academy of Arts, London, Tate ModernThis Summer, the Royal Academy of Arts will present an exhibition of the critically acclaimed Swiss architectural practice Herzog & de Meuron (H&dM), the first in London for almost twenty years. Founded in Basel in 1978 by Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron, the practice has shaped cities across the world by reimagining the nature of architecture. This exhibition, curated in close collaboration with the architects, will provide visitors with an insight into the thinking and approaches applied to their projects. With a range of working methods, materials and technologies displayed, it is an opportunity to experience H&dM’s architecture and its surrounding contexts.

Herzog & de Meuron, Royal Academy of Arts, London, Elbphilharmonie, HamburgNotable recent and current projects include museums, hospitals, stadiums, and private and public buildings including Tate Modern, London (2000 and 2016), Laban Dance Centre, London (2003), the National Stadium Beijing (Bird’s Nest) (2008), Elbphilharmonie Hamburg (2016), REHAB Basel (2002 and 2020), M+, Hong Kong (2021), the Royal College of Art, London (2022) and Kinderspital Zürich (to be completed in 2024).

The exhibition will be arranged in a sequence of three spaces that together explore the ideas and processes in the making and experience of architecture. The first room will bring a part of H&dM’s Kabinett, an open storage and research space, from Basel to London. Tall timber shelves will show around 400 objects including a range of models, materials, prints, photographs and film clips, representing a diverse, yet specific, range of projects. Alongside these Kabinett vitrines will be six large photographic works of select projects by artist Thomas Ruff, illustrating H&dM’s interest in the perception of architecture and their long-standing collaborations with artists. Via augmented reality (AR), visitors will also be able to delve further into projects which will be brought to life in the exhibition through digital 3D models and animation.

The second room will be a film space. A large central screen will show a new film by renowned filmmakers Bêka & Lemoine, featuring daily life at H&dM’s project REHAB Clinic for Neurorehabilitation and Paraplegiology in Basel, Switzerland. On the other side of the screen will be a film installation based on observations of people occupying and exploring H&dM projects.

The final room will be dedicated to healing architecture and will focus on a single project which is currently under construction, the Kinderspital Zürich, Switzerland. The project won an international competition in 2012, which called for a new facility with pioneering hospital architecture. The display will give visitors an insight into the work process and the questions H&dM asks itself when approaching the design of a healing space. The room will include a 1:1 interior mock-up of a section of a hospital patient room, illustrating H&dM’s humanising of hospital rooms and designs. Visitors will be able to explore the room at full scale using AR.
Triangle, Paris, Pavillon de l’Arsenal, 31 october 2014 / 4 january 2015
Herzog & de Meuron No. 250, München, Haus der Kunst, 4 may/30 july 2006
OMA/AMO Rem Koolhaas, Herzog & de Meuron, Milano, 2 march/8 april 2001
Herzog & de Meuron "Architektur Denkform", Basel, Architekturmuseum, 1 oktober/20 november 1988
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