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AR è un portale sull'Architettura Internazionale del XX e XXI secolo, dove sono documentate opere realizzate ed ancora esistenti.

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PAUL VALÉRY, Eupalinos ou l’Architecte

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Opening of new building for the Yacht Club de Monaco by Foster + Partners
June 27, 2014

Yacht Club de Monaco Foster + PartnersOpening celebrations were held at the Yacht Club de Monaco, led by HSH Prince Albert II and attended by Lord Foster and the club’s members. The new building forms the centrepiece of the remodelled harbour – its impressive new social and sporting facilities preserve the club’s heritage and traditions, while reinforcing Monaco as the leading international centre for yachting excellence and further developing the Principality’s thriving yacht industry.
Designed in response to the local climate, the new clubhouse sets high standards for sustainable design – the building is powered by renewable energy and incorporates photovoltaic cells, solar thermal panels and sea water cooling systems to take advantage of the sun and waterfront site. The architecture is a celebration of sailing – its large, deck-like terraces step up along the harbour to offer unrivalled views out to races at sea, as well as views inland over the Formula 1 Grand Prix circuit.
Lord Foster: “The building is a little like a city in microcosm, with schools, parks, offices, restaurants, a network of interior circulation ‘streets’ and a hierarchy of public and private, social and functional spaces. It is a continuation of Monaco’s dense urban fabric, as well as the Yacht Club’s traditions and will be an important part of civic life. Every child in Monaco learns sailing at some stage during their education and those lessons will be in the new building – as a result, the Yacht Club will become even more rooted, in a public sense, in the Principality and part of its cultural and urban fabric.”
schmidt hammer lassen architects designs new cultural home for Chinese Labour Union
May 16, 2014

schmidt hammer lassen The Home of Staff Ningbo Labour Unionschmidt hammer lassen architects has completed the design for a unique new cultural home for the city Labour Union in Ningbo, China. The 100,000 square metre project, known as the Home of Staff, was won by schmidt hammer lassen architects in an international competition in 2013. With an eclectic mix of functions, split across two separate buildings, the project is linked by a landscape park stretching over half a kilometre. The Home of Staff provides support, health, education, culture and leisure facilities for almost 3 million Ningbo Labour Union members.
The Ningbo Labour Union has named the project the Home of Staff as they see it as a second home for the members they represent. The project sits at the centre of Ningbo New East Town on the edge of a new ecological wetland area forming the new cultural hub of the city, including the New Ningbo Library, also designed by schmidt hammer lassen architects.
“We have designed the Home of Staff as a series of stepped building volumes that are linked by a landscape that rises from a central public park to become a series of accessible green roof terraces”, explains Morten Schmidt, founding partner at schmidt hammer lassen architects. “The volumes, which from the air appear like a pixelated image, rise up at each end and form two individual buildings that are connected by a sunken walkway and a series of park pavilions.”
Extension and renovation of Vendsyssel Hospital in Denmark by C.F. Møller
May 15, 2014

C.F. Møller Architects Vendsyssel HospitalC.F. Møller has won the competition for the extension and refurbishment of the Vendsyssel Hospital in Hjørring (Denmark). This design proposals seeks to enhance the overarching architectonic identity of the hospital and to integrate buildings and landscapes in various ways, including a rooftop children's oasis.
The task includes construction of a new treatment facility (covering about 14,000 m2), a mother and child unit and the overall planning of the extension and refurbishment of the Vendsyssel Hospital site including existing buildings.
The design of the new wings creates an enclosed form surrounding large, well-lit courtyards. The structure is transparent; a circulation loop connects the individual treatment areas and allows for flexibility and overlaps between neighbouring functions. The result is a logical, self-explanatory structure. There are efficient and highly functional links making it easy to find your way around the building.
The clear-cut yet distinctive architecture features sterling materials, in combination with a strong emphasis on landscape, including a series of outdoor spaces with integrated planting, paving and stormwater handling, successfully exploiting every opportunity to create healing architecture. One special characteristic of the building is the layout of the third-floor paediatric unit, which includes a bright and children-friendly interior design, and an enclosed and protected playground, resembling a green oasis, on the roof.
Marseille Vieux Port wins European Prize for Urban Public Space
April 30, 2014

2014 European Prize for Urban Public Space Foster + Partners Michel Desvigne Marseille Vieux PortThe redevelopment of Marseille’s Vieux Port was jointly awarded the 2014 European Prize for Urban Public Space. The biennial prize, which attracted 274 entries from 30 countries, is organized by seven architecture institutions and is the only award of its kind in Europe.
The Prize was established to recognise the public character of urban spaces and their capacity for promoting social cohesion. The regeneration of the Vieux Port, designed by landscape architect Michel Desvigne Paris (MDP) and architect Foster + Partners, has reclaimed the quaysides as a civic space, removing traffic to create a safe, pedestrian friendly public realm and creating space for performances and events. The landscape design includes new granite paving, which echoes the colour of the original limestone cobbles. The practice has designed a new range of street furniture specifically for the project, as well as the new wooden nautical clubs over the water.
Architecturally, the waterfront has been enhanced using very discreet means. At the broad eastern edge of the harbour, designed by Foster + Partners, a blade of reflective stainless steel shelters a flexible new pavilion for events and markets. Open on all sides, the 46 by 22 metre ‘ombrière’ is held aloft on slender pillars, 6 metres high. The underside of the canopy is a mirror for the sea and life of the port – from the water, it resembles nothing more than a simple line of silver on the horizon.
Humboldt-Box Berlin KSV Krüger Schuberth Vandreike
Rudy Ricciotti Musée jean Cocteau Menton
Norman Foster Viaduc de Millau
Monostudio Cooperativa Apuana Vagli
west 8 borneo bridge
Toto Ito O Dome Odate Japan
Solid architecture Facade Verbund headquarters  Vienna
Ofis Stadion Ljudski vrt Maribor
Santiago Calatrava Venezia Ponte della Costituzione


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